5 Essential Bike Accessories That You Must Have

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5 Essential Bike Accessories That You Must Have

New clothes, water bottles, helmets and, of course, a new bike; every cyclist enjoys new toys! However, before you go out and buy those carbon clinchers and other bike parts, check out this list of must-haves for all riders. Here’s a list of essentials for every biker, from the novice to the seasoned pro:

  1. Helmet

One of the most crucial pieces of safety equipment any bike rider should have is a reliable helmet. A helmet is no more an accessory, and it is more of an essentiality now. Meanwhile, crashes are inevitable while riding, and many lives have been saved. Many life-crippling injuries have been averted for many, all thanks to this simple yet robust personal safety equipment.

So, while choosing a helmet, give due consideration to the material of the helmet and its weight. Heavyweight may not always translate into more safety, as modern helmets are lightweight with many safety features and aerodynamic design to complement riding seamlessly.

  1. Lights

Whether you are commuting early in the morning or late at night, lights keep you visible and secure. So, consider buying rechargeable batteries, which last a long time and are convenient. And for maximum visibility on the road, always purchase a headlight and taillight. Both lights can be mounted on your bike or can be mounted on yourself. Also, consider opting for a light with strobe features, as they can increase your visibility for the traffic. Moreover, strobe lights can be extremely useful in an emergency as these lights can be flashed in a sequence matching SOS signal. 


  1. Cycling Shorts

A nice pair of shorts will boost your comfort on the bike while also preventing chafing. Excellent quality clothing not only makes you look good, but it also makes you feel good and improves your safety in many scenarios. Moreover, good cycling shorts can significantly enhance your saddle time and also avoid iron butt situations.

Your daily use shorts cannot match the comfort offered by these specially designed bike shorts. Some cycling shorts also come with hip padding to protect your hips in case of a fall or accident. And depending on the material used for making the shorts, the breathability of the shorts varies greatly. So, do consider the material of the padding for superior comfort, enhanced riding range and adequate crash protection.

  1. Puncture Repair Kit and Spare Tube

The most common and frequent roadblock while riding long distances is a flat tyre. Although, fixing a flat or puncture is quick and straightforward. For that, your kit must include a spare inner tube, a hand pump, tyre levers, and a patch kit.

Fixing a puncture on the roadside takes only ten minutes and assures that you may continue your journey. So before the ride, acquaint yourself with fixing a puncture with the puncture repair kit and learn how to change flat tubes with a spare tube. This is important since the worst situation is where you have all the necessary equipment, but you do not know how to use them.

  1. Bike Lock

In today’s world, bikes are not a cheap set of wheels for a commute. A bike today demands a considerable amount of investment monetarily and emotionally. Hence, don’t leave your bike out in the open without locking it. Hence, It’s a vital necessity for commuting. So, invest in a reliable lock that will allow you to leave your bicycle unattended in public.

Bike riding is not just an activity; it is an experience. And all the bike parts allow you to enhance this experience. Meanwhile, some of the accessories are life-saving equipment, whereas some are for sheer joy. But, as a bike enthusiast, you should compromise neither.

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