7 myths about custom jar labels that can hurt your brand

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Custom Packaging – For centuries jar labels have been the vital source for brands as a basic marketing source and a tool for communication with customers. However, there are some common myths about Custom Packaging importance. Brand image can get hurt by following these myths, so it is essential to avoid them. Here are the 7 common myths about them that are just misconceptions.

Products are less exposed:

Brands use glass jars for their organic products so that buyers could see their items clearly. However, some people believe that product labels hide the products, and buyers are unable to judge their aesthetics. They avoid using them or using them at the lids. But the facts are against this aspect. Custom Packaging Brands have to display a lot of information about their products that play a vital role in adding the buyers while making a purchase decision. They can even use clear labels that are transparent and enable buyers to see the products across them. Moreover, they can display the paper labels on a single side in the shape of a rectangle.

Adds no value to marketing:

Believing in this myth will seriously damage the reputation of your brand. The importance of the printed product labels in the marketing of products is undeniable. Various popular companies even insert such stickers of their logo and other information when someone buys their products. In reality, these custom packaging labels are a great marketing tool that promotes the products and as well promotes brands. They spread brand awareness among the buyers that were still unaware of your products. Apart from the visual marketing in the retail stores, they also provide a word of mouth marketing opportunities—it phenomenon aids in expanding your customer base and sales volumes.

They have limited benefits:

Rejecting the idea of using Custom Packaging for your products by thinking about their limitations would be serious regret for later. The fact about them is that sky is the limitation in their uses. They not only aid buyers in the purchase decisions via product descriptions but are an attention-grabbing tool to attract customers. Custom Packaging Brands can also creatively use them for the security of their products as well. They can increase their length in a small diameter up to the lid. Sticking them to the lid of the jars will ensure the buyers that these products are unopened since their sealing. This factor will also contribute to the increased sales volumes.

All of them are less sticky:

This myth is true up to some extent but only in the case of the cheap quality materials and week adhesives. Unprofessionalism of the service providers is also a vital factor in this regard. You can easily find the best online printing services providers that are experts in providing such solutions. It is essential to consider the material type of jars for better bonding and selection of paper stock. These professionals have all types of material available that last longer with aggressively strong adhesives. This phenomenon also varies for the products that are more exposed to the humid environment. Brands can avail the permanent colored or transparent vinyl labels for such products.

Offers limited spaces for content:

Avoiding the use of product labels because of the limited space argument does not worth much. The space factor depends upon the size of jars. Despite using the small sticky tags, brands have the option to wrap their whole jar with them by connecting both ends to each other. Custom Packaging It will not only increases the space but will give a professional look to your canned products.

Moreover, the utilization of space is also an art. The professionally designed flyers teams of the printing firms display every design element in a consistent manner. Nutritional information is also displayed in a table while allocating less space to this factor with higher readability. Moreover, they can explain their products bilingually in this limited space with all other design elements.

Colors get faded away soon:

This myth again involves the quality factor. Usually, it happens because of the changing environmental conditions. It is a fact that faded colors do not create a good impression of the products over buyers. But, it can be avoided by utilizing finishes over the printed product labels. Some popular types of finishes are gloss and matte Custom Packaging. These finishes not only provide lasting colors but also increases the elegance of printed content. There is another myth about the metallic ink finish. People think that it is hard to imprint it using the digital press. But it is also a misconception now as a revolution in technology has made it much easier.

They are not eco-friendly:

Doubting about eco-friendly properties is a misleading myth about Custom Packaging. Energy used for their production is renewable, and no carbon footprints are increased even during this process. All of the paper stock is also made from biodegradable raw materials that leave no harm to the environment. PVC for the clear polyvinyl labels also consumes less renewable energy than all other plastic types. So, it is completely safe to use them for your organic products.

These factors prove that all these myths are just misconceptions and the facts are totally against them. Brands can maintain their reputation by utilizing these custom jar labels creatively. Keep yourself connected to the latest innovations in this sector by attending industry exhibitions. You can increase their touch feel by utilizing silk lamination.

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