How To Deal With Used White Goods

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How To Deal With Used White Goods

White goods are large electrical appliances such as refrigerators,freezers,washing machines, dishwashers,stoves, and air conditioners.As such, they cannot be disposed of in the bin.

Perhaps you’re wondering why they’re called white goods.Well, it’s a traditional name given to large home appliances because long ago, they usually come in white.Even though today you can get them ina wide variety of colors,theyhave retainedtheir name as white goods.

If you have an assortment of white goods that you don’t use anymore–some of which have broken down completely while others have been replaced with a newer model–and they’re taking a lot of space in your home, then it’s time to deal with them.  Here are some suggestions.

Deal With Used White Goods


  1. Hire Rubbish Removal Services

You know how heavy these white goods are and transporting them could be quite a challenge. If you want to get rid of your old white goods as soon as possible, you might want to hire rubbish removal services. Getting this service to handle the job for you is not only hassle-free but is possibly the quickest remedy as there are companies that offer same-day removal.

  1. Donate To Charity

Donating home appliances to charity is probablythe best way to deal with used white goods. You can dispose of the bulky appliancesbut at the same time, you get the chance to help those who are under the care of charities such as orphans, the elderly, and victims of abuse.

If your refrigerator, washingmachine, or stoveis still in good working condition, these humanitarian organizations will be more than glad to have them asthey usually do not have enough funding.

  1. Sell To ASecond-Hand Dealer

Selling your used electrical appliances to a second-hand dealer is another practical way to solve your problem because it gives you some extra cash.If your used appliance has been well-maintained and has a few more years left in it, then a second-hand dealer would be willing to buy it. The dealer will clean and fix it up, if necessary, then sell it to people with a tight budget.

There’s a high demand for used appliances as people try to save as much as they can. Buyers usually get good-quality appliances at a fraction of the cost, especially if the previous owners disposed of them to get an upgrade.

  1. Give To Metal Recyclers

Most white goods are made of aluminum,copper, and steel. When your appliances are broken beyond repair, it is advisable to turn them over to metal recyclers.

Your used white goods can be disassembled to recover valuable materials such as copper, steel, and plastic. The recovered metal and plastic components could then be recycled to make new metal and plastic products. Recycling is not only a viable alternative but also environmentally responsible.

  1. Have The Local Council Pick It Up

Contact your local council and ask for advice about your white goods for disposal as your city or town may have rules on proper disposal of such items. There’s usually a designated place where used appliances could be dropped off. If so, bring your used white goods there. Or better yet, ask if there’s a possibility that they could pick up the used appliances from your doorstep. This would be even more convenient for you.

  1. Donate To A Trade School

You may also opt to donate your used appliances to a trade school that offers training in appliance repair. Contact them and make arrangements for them to pick up your used white goods. This way, your pre-loved appliances will find a new purpose.

  1. Go For Exchange Offers

When you’re considering buying a more advancedmodel of your existing appliance, ask your retailer if it’s willing to take away your old washing machine when they deliver your brand-newmachine.Some stores will even give you a discount for this kind of arrangement. In other cases, the retailer might charge you an additional fee. Whether it’s the former or the latter, the important thing is that you now have space in your home for your new and improved appliance.


It has become essential for every household to have white goods as they make certain tasks easier and more convenient. For some, however, amassing white goods has become not just a necessity but an obsession. They end up buying more than they could use. Or they easily get tired of their old appliances and couldn’t wait to upgrade as soon as a newer model becomes available.

If you’re one of those who keep buying new appliances without disposing of your old ones, then you may have the problem of used white goods piling up in a corner of your house. The suggestions mentioned above could help you deal with this situation quickly and responsibly.


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