10 Facts About Case IH Picking Unit Cabinet Parts

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The Case IH picking unit has been a critical machine on cotton plantations. You can’t possibly expect to harvest cotton manually anymore – and it’s important that your cabinet has all of the needed parts so that repairs can be handled properly.

The cabinet is one of the more important components since it is what holds the cotton. Knowing a few facts about the parts and the need to select quality parts can ensure you’re providing everything you need to farmers – or keeping your farm working as efficiently as possible.

There are Countless Parts

When it comes to Case IH picking unit cabinet parts, there are several categories – the plant guide assembly, the rotor serves doors and parts, and the stalk lifter parts.

Within each category, you’ll find a long list of parts – such as s-lifters, poly skid plates, guides, shoes, and more. Each part may be extremely specific for the make and model – and there may even be a right or left side to focus on.

The Parts Vary Based on Model and Model Year

Case IH has been around for a long time – and there are all sorts of picking units on the market. Whether you have new or used models available, it’s important to know the serial number.

For example, do you have a CPX620 Cotton Express? A Module Express?

Knowing more about the picking unit itself will ensure that you find cabinet parts that are going to fit. Otherwise, you could end up wasting your money or getting frustrated when you can’t complete a repair.

Many Companies Fabricate Replacement Parts

There are a lot of companies that will fabricate replacement parts for a Case IH picking unit. You’ll need to know what kinds of parts are being fabricated and from what materials.

While most parts are plastic or sheet metal, consider whether you need a specific size. Take the time to look at what a company is offering so that you can be sure that you can shop for all of the parts that you need from a single fabricator. It will end up saving you both time and money.

Parts Can Ensure a Farm is Profitable

If your picking unit cabinet becomes damaged, it could start a fire. At that point, you could lose not only the machine but also the entire cotton crop. Your goal is to prevent that from happening.

The best way to remain profitable is to keep your equipment in proper working order. By keeping an inventory of parts on hand, you can make the repairs if and when they happen.

Most importantly, you need to make sure that you have the right parts – and that they are made well from the very beginning. If you find that you’re constantly replacing the same parts because they’re wearing too quickly, it’s time to find a more reputable source for your parts.

Parts Can Exceed OEM Standards

An Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) will have specifications for every part in terms of how well they fit into the machine and how quickly they wear down.

Some OEM parts will fail faster than aftermarket parts.

This means that it can be advantageous for you to shop for aftermarket parts. The parts that exceed OEM standards can keep your machines running longer, providing you with more productivity across the farm.

Parts Will Fail

Parts will fail, no matter how well you are maintaining your equipment. For example, you’ll probably end up replacing scrapping plates and stalk lifter shoes fairly frequently because of how they wear.

Knowing that parts fail and accepting that will make it easier for you to source the replacement parts you need, even before you actually need them. It allows you to make the necessary repairs and replacements to get the picking units back into the field.

Parts Can Be Shipped Out Quickly

There will be times when you don’t have the part that you need. Once you figure out the part number that you need, you can order it quickly. Some companies ship out faster than others. In some instances, a part can be shipped out to you on the same day you order it.

Knowing this will ensure that you seek out only the best sources for your Case IH cabinet parts.

Assembly Drawings Can Tell You More About the Parts

You may not have an owner’s manual to tell you all about the Case IH picker that you have. This can make it harder to know what parts need to be replaced.

By taking advantage of assembly drawings, you can learn more about the parts. There may be one or more parts that need to be replaced. And with the assemblies blown up, you can get a full understanding of what parts need to be ordered.

Optimal Operation is Dependent on Dependable Parts

Dependable parts are the only way that you can anticipate that your Case IH picking unit works properly. It’s possible to get high-quality parts that are also affordable.

Whether you are repairing a unit or rebuilding equipment, you need to make sure that the parts you buy are from a dependable supplier so that you can depend on the operation of your equipment.

Parts Companies Can Vary

Just because a company offers parts for your Case IH picking unit cabinet doesn’t mean that the parts are the same as what another company offers.

Consider that some parts may have defects, be made of inferior products, or the company may have poor customer service.

You should be able to shop for parts and have a pleasant experience while you do so.

Explore a few things from a company before giving them your business:

  • How long they’ve been in business
  • The selection of parts
  • Whether an inspection is performed
  • If there’s a guarantee on parts
  • How fast shipping is offered

Finding Parts That You Can Rely On

Once you decide what Case IH picking unit cabinet parts you need, it’s all about deciding where you’re going to buy the parts. When you have a Case IH picking unit cabinet and need parts, you should always work with a reputable source. It ensures that you get quality parts as well as assistance from knowledgeable people who can help you every step of the way.

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