Can You Have Helicopter Lessons In Australia?

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Learning to fly helicopters might sound complicated, but Heli training Tasmania has made it easier and more accessible to people in Australia. However, there are certain things that you need to know about the process of becoming a helicopter pilot and having a helicopter license.

There are two types of helicopter licenses that you can acquire:

  • PPL-H is Private Pilot License Helicopter: This allows you to fly a helicopter for recreational purposes over Australia, but you are not allowed to earn money or work out of your flying.
  • CPL-H is Commercial Pilot License Helicopter: This license allows one to work as a helicopter pilot. There are multiple jobs that are offered by the helicopter industry. Examples include fire fighting, fire spotting, air ambulance, police helicopter, search and rescue, filming and photography, and a wide variety of tourism activities with scenic flights and charter.

Tasmania Has The Best Scenic Helicopter Training!

Heli training Tasmania is based at Cambridge on the outskirts of Hobart in southern Tasmania, and we would conduct the initial training flights from Cambridge Airport. They would take you over the beautiful locations across Tasmania during the training course.

Your course will be tailored according to your interest whether  you want to be a recreational pilot or a commercial pilot.

Tasmania has the world’s most beautiful scenery. While you fly over Tasmania, you can see the dolerite peaks, beautiful rainforest gorges, and wild rivers.

Here are some of the impressive scenic views that you can watch from the helicopter during the training:

  • Wineglass Bay- Crystal clear water with white sand beach and a lichen-colored rock shore.
  • Bruny Island- Dolerite sea cliffs with a stretch of rugged land.
  • Maria Island- Remarkable white sand beaches and blue water
  • Tasman Peninsula- It is attached to the mainland of Tasmania by a 100-meter stretch of sand, namely “Neck.”
  • Gordon River- It goes through the most remote reaches in Tasmania. It is mostly inaccessible by land, and it gives a magnificent view when seen from the air.
  • Hobart and Derwent River- Hobart is on the southern coast of Tasmania, while River Derwent is on edge, and during the helicopter training, the picturesque view is revealed.

You Must Be Trained By An Expert!

To acquire a license to fly a helicopter, you need to be trained by experts. In Heli training, Tasmania instructor Karl Webb has the experience of flying for over 5500 hours and first flew over Tasmania in 1996.

If you have no prior experience in flying, you will need approximately 50 hours to obtain a private flying license.

Taking flying lessons from this academy would help you take a grab on it, and your instructor would make sure that your learning experience is smooth.

Your instructor will train you in the world’s most popular civilian helicopters, namely the Robinson R44 Clipper, which is capable of flying safely, giving you the “freedom to fly” experience over Tasmania.


If you are interested in flying a helicopter and taking helicopter lessons in Australia, now you have an idea, you can contact us for the best experience.

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