Combining Social Media and SEO for the Best Results

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Are you looking to for growth in your business? Do you have any idea where to start? If you answered yes and then no to those questions, you need to take a step back and reevaluate what you are doing. You may currently be focusing on SEO for your website and simply creating short posts for your social media. However, have you considered the advantages of combining social media with SEO? You will be amazed at how fast your business will grow when you take the time to focus on these two things together. There are many social media and SEO combination packages available if you want to hire an expert to get you the results you want much faster.


Combining Social Media and SEO for the Best Results


Keyword Usage

Researching keywords to use in your content can be exhausting. There are many different keyword research tools out there and each one will offer different results if you are not careful. Thankfully, there are experts in SEO and keyword research. And you can take advantage of their expertise by signing up for one of their social media and SEO combination packages.

Once you have your short and long-tail keywords, you must use them in all the content you create. This includes all the content you want to post on your social media platforms. Using the keywords in social media posts will ensure your website ranks higher in search engines.

Quality Content

You may be tempted to just rush through a blog post or short blurb for your social media. The result though will end up being content that holds no true value to your readers. We cannot stress enough why quality content is a must on your website and social media pages.

All your content should show you are an expert in your field. You should also include quality pictures and videos whenever possible.

We understand that it takes longer to create quality content. But the advantages you will see from this quality content, as you combine SEO and social media, will be worth the extra time. The good news is you can outsource some of this work when you work with an SEO and social media expert. They always offer social media and SEO combination packages that will meet all your current business needs.

What is Your Audience Searching for???

If you are struggling to come up with quality content for your website and social media pages, you may want to see what your target audience is searching for. Your keywords can help you with this a little. But you must really dig deep to see what your readers are interested in.

When you decide to purchase a social media and SEO combination package, this research is often included. That means you won’t need to worry about coming up with relevant topics every week or month. An SEO and social media expert can simply tell you what your ideal client wants to know.

Always Post on Multiple Social Media Platforms

Which social media platform do you feel the most comfortable with? Do you notice you post on that platform the most? Are you avoiding the other social media platforms a lot?

No worries if you have been posting on one social media platform and ignoring the rest. You needed to start somewhere! When you are taking advantage of combining social media with SEO though, you must embrace posting on multiple platforms.

Posting on all social media platforms will allow more people to be aware of your brand. And that means your business will grow faster than it has in the past. Yes, you may see more people interacting with you on certain social media sites than others. But a little patience will show that each social media platform will yield the results you want.

Sharing Amongst Your Readers and Followers

Everyone gets excited when they learn new things that pertain to them and they instantly want to share that information with their friends. When people are reading the blogs on your website, they must have an easy way to share it on their social media. This is where those social media buttons come in. A person can click on the social media platform they want to go to and share that exact post in seconds.

As for social media posts, the platforms make it simple to share. This is where you will want to make sure you are providing quality content that your followers will want to share with their friends.

Every share you get will encourage other websites to link to your content. As you continue to receive more external links, the higher your website will rank in search engines.

Hyperlinks – Use Them Wisely

Speaking of links, hyperlinks are going to be an excellent part of your combining SEO and social media strategy. You can link other relevant blog posts to a current post with a hyperlink. These links will keep people on your website longer, as they click from one post to the next.

When you provide links on your social media pages, you are driving more people to your website. Google sees these additional clicks as you being an authority in your field. When you combine those clicks with quality content and keywords, your search engine ranking will improve immensely.

Change Your Focus a Little

As people are working on their websites and social media, they spend a lot of time thinking about the current day or week. That may be good for many things. However, when it comes to SEO and social media, focusing on content that is timeless is so much better.

Think about it…

Would you rather spend five hours creating content this week that is still relevant in three years? Or would you like to spend those five hours creating content that is only pertinent for the next few weeks? Which option do you think would get you the most growth for your time?

We recommend the first option, because that one piece of content can bring in new readers and clients for years. There will be little work on your part, other than following up with everyone who communicates with you.

Combining social media and SEO offers the best results for your business. Once you start switching your mindset each day, you will realize many of the advantages of combining social media with SEO. We understand that you might struggle with this at first. After all, it can be difficult to wrap your mind around something new like this. That is where SEO and social media experts can be a worthwhile addition to your team. They offer social media and SEO combination packages that will make this newest transition in your business a breeze.




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