Diablo 2 Resurrected Amazon Best Skill Guide

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Diablo 2 Resurrected Amazon Best Skill Guide

In Diablo 2 Resurrected Amazon has many practical skills, which are both advantages and disadvantages. Many skills are worth spending skill points to practice, but once the distribution is not good, it is easy to practice four dissimilarities. There is everything, but everything is not strong.

The following skill analysis will roughly introduce the practicability of skills! Maybe you want to ask, no matter what, close combat is always inevitable. Can Amazon, which only uses bows and arrows, cope with close combat? The answer is yes. You can find the answer in the following analysis. In fact, the most important thing is to find good D24 Items to kill the enemy!


Diablo 2 Resurrected Amazon Best Skill Guide 2022

Here, we should first remind the players who choose Amazon, because Amazon has many practical skills. Don’t separate the points of attack skills into javelin and bow. It’s best to select only one department to practice, but there are many disadvantages of using javelin. The skilled guide here focuses on practicing bow and arrow. There are three main bow and arrow systems, including ice, fire, and special magic arrows. It is best to cooperate with the passive skills to upgrade skills, so as to have better results.



The critical strike is a very important skill of Amazon, which can cause twice the damage. Put it in LV1 and try to improve the skill level. A success rate of about 40% ~ 50% is enough. Inner sight is enough to allocate 1 point, which can reduce the enemy’s defense, enough for you to deal with the initial enemy. In the later stage, it depends on cheap Diablo 2 items to enhance the level. The most useful skill in this department is Valkyrie of lv30. Bow and arrow LV1 has Magic Arrow and fire arrow to choose from.

It is recommended to choose Magic Arrow first. This is a very important bow and arrow skill. You can practice multiple shots immediately after lv6. Fire and ice magic arrows usually have to choose one side. If you can learn both sides, it is best. I personally prefer ice magic, which can delay or freeze the movement of the enemy, The ice arrow of lv18 is a super must kill weapon, which can freeze the enemy and is also very useful for dealing with leader-level monsters.

However, a large-scale freezing attack will not be available until lv30. The fire system will have an expanding arrow until lv12, just like the mage’s fireball will explode the attack. The next Immolation arrow will wait until lv24. It will continue to burn for a period of time after hitting the enemy or obstacles.



Lv6’s cold arrow appears, which can delay the enemy’s movement. If you decide to learn ice magic arrows, it’s enough to allocate one point first, because the general arrows in the early stage of the game have good power, and lv6 has multiple shots, which is also a very important skill.

You can shoot multiple bows and arrows at the same time for a wide-area attacks (don’t worry, you will only consume one arrow at a time), Generally speaking, it’s enough to upgrade to 5 or 6 arrows at the same time. If you think 6 arrows are not enough, you can upgrade a few more levels. However, the number and range of arrows are wide, and many of them are wasted (although it’s easy to hit right), and the more arrows, the more mana they consume. Dodge skill can dodge the enemy’s close attack when attacking or standing still. At least 1 point is allocated. There is always a chance to dodge.



When the exploding arrow of the fire system appears, it is quite easy to deal with the whole group of enemies. No matter whether you specialize in fire magic arrows or not, you’d better learn this skill. Compared with multiple shots, the attack of exploding arrow is more concentrated, and the range of multiple shots is wider.

Slowed missions can slow down the enemy’s long-range attack speed, which is not practical, but for the sake of lv30 skills below, allocate 1 point. Avoid allows you to dodge the enemy’s long-range attack when attacking or stationary. Assigning 1 point is enough.



Lv18 has three important skills: ice arrow guided arrow, and penetrate. Ice arrow can freeze ordinary enemies and is powerful. It is always hit. It is very practical and is the main force of ice arrows. The guided arrow can make you kill blindly and automatically track the enemy. It is also always hit.

It can not only make a 180-degree turn attack but also attack the enemy outside the picture. If you are leading a target monster, you can even use a dead corner, and then use the guided arrow to slowly kill it. It is really easy to use.

The mana required by the guided arrow is inversely proportional to the skill level, The attack power is directly proportional to the skill level, so it’s right to upgrade a few more levels. Generate can greatly increase attack rating. It is a good skill at first glance. With a high skill level and good equipment, and attack rating can easily break thousands.



Evade allows you to dodge the enemy’s close and long-range attacks while moving, and also assign at least 1 point. The decoy can create your split body for a period of time to attract the enemy’s attack, but the split body will not move, it is just a pure meat target, and there is also a blood limit.

It is not as practical as the Valkyrie of lv30. As mentioned earlier in the Immolation arrow of the fire system, it can be used as a short-term area continuous burning attack, which is easy to deal with a whole group of enemies, stuck in a corner or immobile enemies.

Strafe allows you to attack multiple targets at the same time, but there is not always a hit. It just makes continuous and fast shooting with ordinary arrows. It is not useful against powerful enemies in the later stage. At this stage, you usually have completed the normal level. If you want to learn more advanced skills, you have to challenge nightmare level or stay in normal Act4 to earn some experience points.



In lv30, Amazon can learn Valkyrie skills and summon Valkyrie’s female martial god as a helper. In addition, it can be summoned at a certain position in the picture. The higher the skill level, Valkyrie’s blood, attack, and defense will be enhanced. No matter how strong the monster is, it’s just to let Valkyrie block blood in front and shoot arrows in the back, Especially for monsters after nightmare level, the melee power is very strong.

If a person doesn’t rely on Valkyrie to block blood, he will have a hard time. Therefore, after lv30, Valkyrie’s skill level should be improved to prevent Valkyrie from being killed by the enemy. Pierce’s skill allows the arrow to penetrate the enemy and continue to attack. For example, the power of multiple shots is amazing.

If you practice Ice Magic Arrow, this skill is very useful. Ice arrow can penetrate the enemy, but it is not so easy to use for freezing arrows and Fire Magic Arrow, Because you often want to exert the power of a wide-area attack on the first enemy or the first group of enemies. If you go through it, it will be meaningless, so you can learn this pierce skill.


Basically, before lv30, the most important thing is to improve your Magic Arrow ability. It’s best to practice into ice and fire five times, and then give the enemy a thousand arrows through the heart. When lv30 comes, there will be more money-free meat mats Valkyrie. As long as the meat mats can last for a long time, it will solve the problem of the enemy’s speed of time. When Valkyrie has a certain strength, it can be allocated to other skills.


If you want to practice Spear Skills, you can still give yourself some suggestions. If you want to practice, give up bows and arrows completely. If you practice both, it’s easy to become different. The choice of Spear Skills is relatively simple. The jab of LV1 can do three combos, which is the most important melee skill.

At lv6, lv12, and lv18, there are several skills that can attach the spear to lightning or poison attack. There are all melee or throwing skills. Depending on which skill you want to practice, at lv24, you will increase the fend skill, which can attack all the enemies around you at the same time, The lv30 allows the spear to have powerful chain lightning and lightning bolt wide area attacks.


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