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OSRS – Misthalin Mystery Quest Guide

There are a lot of twists and turns when trying to solve the Misthalin Mystery.

The Misthalin Mystery is another historic quest in the life cycle of Old School Runescape. It was the second quest to have been made for the Old School Runescape rendition of the franchise, in which Abigale is looking for aid for her injured boyfriend after escaping an ominous manor. There aren’t any requirements for us to meet for the quest, aside from certain items which we can obtain during the quest itself. So put away your OSRS GP for now, and there won’t be a requirement for you to find OSRS items for sale.

Starting your journey

Start off by going to Lumbridge Swamp and going south-east. Here you will find Abigale, who will request your help after an attack by a mystery figure from nearby. To the south, you will find a rowboat, so go onboard then go through the gate to find the fountain. By this fountain you will find a bucket, so pick it up. From here head north of the fountain where you will witness a cutscene showing Sid being killed. There is a barrel nearby which you can use the bucket on, filled with rainwater. Start searching it to find the manor key.

Solving the Riddles

Once you enter the manor, you will find a knife on a table in there. Grab it and try opening the northern door. Another cutscene will play where the murderer claims Tayten as their next victim. This will take place in the wardrobe, where the killer pushes a note beneath the door. To continue with the quest, you’ll need to read the letter.

This first riddle focuses on the paintings that are found in the south-western room. The painting that we need to look at has the sun on the horizon, with a river and mountains also featured. By using the knife on it, you will find the ruby key. Each key that’s found will represent a certain doorknob. Go through the door to the east now, and go to the shelves to get a tinderbox. There will be four candles in the room that you need to light. This brings up a message where you find that the room is able to dry the fuse which comes with the explosive barrel. Use this tinderbox on the barrel that’s next to the piece of the damaged wall. Go out of the room to set the explosion off.

For the second riddle, you need to go north from the manor to see another cutscene with the killer. It won’t matter what answer you choose, and the murderer will leave another clue. The note makes a reference to the piano in the manor. Go to the room through the north-eastern wall that has been damaged, so play the notes D-E-A-D to obtain the emerald key.

In the final riddle, we will be going through the damaged wall to the east. Find the door that has the emerald doorknob, then try and open the kitchen doors to find Mandy which brings about another cutscene. Afterward, you will need to read the note which discusses the eastern room’s fireplace. Go through the south-east room that has the damaged wall then into the room to the north. Use your knife on the fireplace then input the solution Sapphire, Diamond, Zenyte, Emerald, Onyx and finally Ruby. Check the fireplace once more to get the sapphire key.

The Confrontation

Go through the door furthest to the west to confront the killer in a cutscene. He will begin to throw knives at you from the wardrobes that he’s hiding in. To find the right wardrobe, keep an eye out for the shadow that’s around it. Find the nearby mirror and push it into the corresponding row opposite the wardrobe. Push it one square closer to the wardrobe so that the knives reflect back to him.

Once you have done these enough times, you will have defeated the killer, with a big plot twist on who the killer turns out to be. After the further conflict, you will need to pick up the knife and start attacking Abigale. Mandy will come to the rescue, and you will receive your rewards for the quest by speaking to her outside of the mansion.

You won’t have to buy OSRS gold to complete this quest or prepare for it. Though you don’t earn any OSRS GP either, but it is a fun quest for you to take part in. It is a good showcase of the storytelling in the OSRS quests, and the quest point plus crafting XP will also come in handy

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