Naruto x Fortnite Crossover Comes to Fortnite item shop

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Epic Games finally confirmed when the Naruto Shippuden collaboration will go live in Fortnite.

Another day, another crossover. That about sums it up as to what’s happening with Fortnite these days. Cross-brand promotions aren’t anything unusual for Fortnite. The battle royale has already experienced all sorts of unique ideas coming from Epic Games such as having in-game concerts with musicians such as Ariana Grande and Marshmello. Fortnite isn’t shy about having a huge buttload of IPs and franchises as well. In addition to the DC and Marvel superheroes (along with the season all about the Infinity War), the game even added Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield from Resident Evil as cosmetic skins to the Fortnite item shop in October 2021. So just what’s next to expect from Fortnite and Epic these days? Well, you’ll be delighted to find out that some of the most long-awaited collaborations are finally coming to light.


Leaks of Naruto Crossover Surfaced Beforehand

Just over a few months ago, a leak surfaced that Naruto would be coming to Fortnite. While it didn’t release last season, inside info from Epic Games stated that the Naruto skin would soon be available in the Fortnite item shop. More information was later revealed by Hypex, a prominent data-miner in the Fortnite scene that’s usually accurate with their leaks. He confirmed that the collaboration would happen sometime in November–in Chapter 2: Season 8 of Fortnite. However, there was no exact date provided as to when in November that would happen. Now, the Fortnite x Naruto collaboration leaks were already out as early as June 2021. This suggested that Epic was still in negotiations back then with Shueisha to produce a crossover with the popular manga and anime series. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Shueisha, they’re a company that owns Shonen Jump, the publisher of heavy-hitter titles such as Dragon Ball, One Piece, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, and of course, Naruto.


Epic Games Comes Clean

Epic revealed the collab with a graphic of the Fortnite and Naruto Shippuden logos together with the text “Believe it!”, with a date underneath indicating that everything about the crossover is set to come on November 16, 2021. There’s currently no way of telling what the extent of the collaboration will be, but people can likely expect skins of popular characters from the anime/manga and other cosmetic items to be added to the game. We’re not entirely sure whether this means that Naruto, Sasuke, and the rest of the ninja gang will be making a visit to the battle royale, or if there will be original designs based on the existing characters.

The next update is confirmed to be the v18.40 patch update and it should be released on the same day that the Fortnite x Naruto Shippuden crossover goes live, so it’s speculated that players will be able to see the upcoming skins when the Fortnite Item Shop page refreshes. Heck, maybe we could see challenges added to the game that’s related to Naruto coming to Fortnite.


Why Naruto in Fortnite Makes Sense

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not surprising to see cosmetic items from the Naruto series make their way into Fortnite. After all, anime/manga is no longer a niche product–people of all ages enjoy them. Let’s not forget about the astounding popularity of Naruto as well. Ever since its debut back in 1999, Naruto has become one of the best-selling manga series in existence. The worldwide appeal that Naruto has makes it the perfect candidate for a Fortnite crossover, with a lot of fans of the series interested in checking out the skins when it releases.


In A Nutshell

Naruto is the latest addition to the ever-growing array of franchises added to Fortnite. With the likes of Dune, Resident Evil, DC Comics, and many more find a home in the battle royale, it begs the question of what’s the next collab to possibly come to the Fortnite item shop.

What do you think about Naruto (specifically Naruto Shippuden) finally being in Fortnite? Feel free to let us know your thoughts down below!

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