Does She Need Vaginal Bleaching? Expert’s Point

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Vaginal lighting treatment is indeed a western idea, but now this new trend is catching up in India too. So if all the vulva are almost the same colour, then what is the need to change it? Actually, it is “purely aesthetic” and gives tremendous confidence to women.

The outer wall of the vagina gets dark with the age, and women dislike this natural change.

Basically, hyperpigmentation is responsible for darkness in valva. Although it is entirely natural and can beautify with the labia bleaching treatment.

How does “vaginal lightening” work?

The only dermatologist, plastic surgeon and gynaecologist can perform the vaginal lightning treatment. All experts claim to remove vaginal darkness with a chemical laser. Vaginal bleaching is an attempt to whiten only the outer skin and does not involve any type of internal surgery. Apart from the laser, you can also use certain prescribed creams to brighten your vulva, but no research ensures that each chemical is effective for everyone’s skin. Since the dark vulva is natural, so it’s uncertain that how long the treatment result will last. So as long as you will use the cream glow will be stable for that time only, and this will return to its original colour when you will stop using cream.

Laser is an effective technique that can make labia bleaching last longer because the laser chemical reduces the number of substances responsible for vaginal darkening. Eventually, it will return to normal when the cells start to regenerate.

In a nutshell, it can be said that you can have whitening with the help of labia bleaching laser treatment for a longer time, though there is no claim that it will be permanent.

Does labia Bleaching hurt?

It can hurt for a while because each skin type and ability to respond is different, so you may feel mild irritation and red rashes. But after the treatment, the expert will prescribe some lotion and pills to smoothen out your pain.

What are the risks in Labia whitening, according to doctors?

Since the laser procedure uses chemical bleaching agents to brighten the vagina, which reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation in the relevant part of the body. Creams and other chemicals such as kojic acid and hydroquinone can also be used during laser treatment. You may also feel the mild burning while pigment removal as laser moving hurt skin sensations.

Benefits of Labia Bleaching

So can a bright vagina also have benefits? Yes, if you take your appearance seriously and care that your body parts should be attractive, you can make it possible. Now that technology has the ability to make alterations in the way you want, so why shouldn’t you encash this. Also, we are moving towards a non-orthodox society, so you can make your own choices.

Attractive organs make you happy and confident, and happiness is not a deal; It’s an individual right?

Is Labia Bleaching Safe and Recommended?

Vaginal bleaching is a safe treatment if left to a few short-term discomforts. However, the inferior quality of treatment can seriously harm your health, so choose an appropriate clinic. Mishka IVF centre is located in Jaipur, where many options are available for cosmetic gynaecology. The centre provides high-quality vaginal bleaching treatment by will experience and skilful experts.

Since the dark vagina is not a disease, so no doctor will recommend treating it, and if you are also comfortable with it, there is no need for labia lightening. Women who revere attractiveness will not compromise on the darkness of their intimate part.

Below are some points on the safety standard of the treatment.

  • The type of treatment will affect the outcome
  • What is the particular part of the vulva you’re applying for the treatment
  • Frequently usage of treatment
  • Duration of onetime use
  • Skin chemistry of your body
  • Skill and experience of expert

All you need to keep in mind is that you opt for advanced treatment and don’t allow a novice to treat your body, it can be distorted for you in the long run. Be smart choose quality.

Final words

Suppose you have recently noticed some dramatic changes in the colour of your vagina. In that case, a medical consultation is necessary as an expert will ensure that there is no underlying cause for this change. Dark complexion is usually normal and may not need to be changed as per medical advice. Even though colour racism is also being propagated, which is baseless, you just like your part particularly, so what is the controversy in it.

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