Best Frameworks for Your Hybrid App Development

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The smartphone world of modern digital technology is currently on an expansion spree. While the large scale enterprises are at a constant lookout for advanced methods to add value to their apps, there still are small and medium scale enterprises that are yet to launch their business app. Just as mobile applications have simplified users’ lives, mobile app development frameworks have made the developers’ lives easier.

Having said that, hybrid app development has become increasingly popular due to its straightforward approach that runs a single application on multiple platforms. It is the quickest way to get the application running on platforms like Android and iOS. Therefore, if you have decided to integrate hybrid development in your projects, here are some of the most popular frameworks you can consider in the development process.

Before we discuss the frameworks, let us get a brief understanding of hybrid app development.

What is Hybrid app development?

Hybrid apps are a blend of both web and native solutions. With the help of specific plugins, hybrid applications can have full access to mobile features.

The process is comparably simple and less convoluted than native apps, where multiple frameworks and extensive coding efforts are required. As we are advancing in technology, it is better to build a cross-platform app than the simple one.

Nevertheless, choosing the right framework for your hybrid app development is crucial to deliver a consistent, user-friendly experience across all platforms. Let us explore different frameworks that can help you with technical insights in your process.

Best Hybrid App Frameworks for 2021


Ionic is one of the oldest hybrid app development frameworks, released in 2013. Currently, there are more than 5 million applications created using Ionic. Enterprises prefer this framework due to its excellent built-in elements.

Features of Ionic

  • You only need to code once, and it can be used on multiple platforms
  • Predefined UI elements with impressive designs
  • Comprehensive documentation to understand its proper use
  • Massive and robust community support

React Native

Another outstanding example of the best hybrid framework is React Native. It is basically a Facebook product that was released as a ReactJS platform in 2013. However, a stable version was made six years later, in June 2019.

Features of React Native

  • Produces high-performance hybrid applications.
  • Cost-effective as compared to other frameworks
  • Supports third party plugin integration


Xamarin is a popular hybrid app framework owned by Microsoft. It is explicitly used to build aesthetically useful applications that can run effortlessly on various platforms like Windows, iOS and Android.

Developers can even use native APIs and .NET features while working with Xamarin. The language used here is C# which is known for resulting in smoother development.

Features of Xamarin

It offers a complete development ecosystem unlike other frameworks

More than 90% of the code can be reused. (Code reusability)

With native-like apps, performance is super smooth

It provides seamless integration with external hardware


Flutter is the recent hybrid framework launched by Google. It is advanced, powerful and bankable. The framework is a complete UI software development kit with its programming language called “DART” (a combination of KOtlin and Java). Its other functions include component implementation without OEM widgets, tab bars, loading spinners and sliders.

Features of Flutter

Dependable performance and speedy development

Google’s reliability and support.

Seamless and interactive user interface and design.

Terrific cross-platform capabilities

Corona SDK

Corona SDK is one of the superior hybrid app development frameworks if you are looking for speedy development. It is said to be four times faster than any other frameworks mentioned in this article. Corona utilizes a lightweight scripting language known as “Lua”. The framework brilliantly serves single code apps to multiple operating platforms. Enterprises that build 2D games and education applications prefer Corona SDK.

Features of Corona SDK

  • Well equipped framework
  • Capable of developing high-performance applications
  • Bonus point is the rapid app development

Final Thoughts

The era of mobile applications is not settling anytime soon. You are only going to face better methods, newer technologies and even advanced frameworks. You can consider the frameworks mentioned above in your next hybrid app development project. Apart from this, easier prototyping, faster development, and reduces project costs are some of the significant benefits that hybrid apps bring to your door. So what are you waiting for? Choose one and boost your business application in the market.

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