What Is the Importance of An Eye-Catching Intro?

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What Is the Importance of An Eye-Catching Intro?

You may already be aware that video content is one of the best marketing strategies that businesses are using to grow their business. According to Cisco, video content is said to have had a fourfold increase from 2016 to 2021. This is good news, especially for businesses that are already into video marketing. 

But there is a big challenge when it comes to making videos. Shooting videos may seem easy, but how you present them to the audience in the best way is important. The first few seconds of the video are crucial; you must be able to hook your audience immediately, and that is the reason why video introductions are necessary for your videos to succeed. It will help you attract the right viewers and get the audience to watch your videos whenever they are published.

Video intros are the most-watched parts of videos. Videos that are under 90 seconds in length are said to have a 53% average retention rate, while videos that are over 30 minutes long have only a 10% rate. If you’re looking to create great video intros that will stand out, read on to find out why video intros are important.

What Is a Video Intro?

Video intros are the first part of a video that your viewer watches as soon as the video begins. This is either a voiceover or a short title or subtitle that explains what exactly the video is all about. There are plenty of intro maker tools available online that you can use to make great intros.

For example, InVideo is a free intro maker that allows you to start your videos with the best impression. With this free and intuitive intro maker, you can easily create professional-looking videos that will get your audience hooked immediately.

You can simply pick one intro template, drag-and-drop clips you like from any other video template, customize them using overlays, stickers, masks, and much more. The tool allows you to export or download in any dimension, and your intro video will be ready in minutes! So, be it a gaming intro or just any video intro, the platform has you covered with a wide range of options and templates.

 Why Are Video Intros Important?

There are many reasons why you must pay special attention to all your video intros. Here are some of the reasons why video intros are important:

  • Sets Viewer Expectations

Every viewer has some expectations before they begin watching a video. Elements like the title, thumbnail, and the length of the video help a viewer decide if they want to click and watch the video. However, these things can only give them limited information, and once they start watching the video, it should get them hooked and make them stay till the end. This is the reason why it is crucial to pay attention to your video intros to make sure that the end goal is met.

  • Makes Your Brand Unique and Recognizable

What a viewer watches and hears on screen is how they see you and your brand. This will include the color palette, name, logo, and also how you present your video. Your intros should be presented in a way that is recognizable and unique. It should be able to create an impact that remains in your audience’s mind for a longer time so that they keep coming back to watch your videos every time you publish a video. For example, a video content strategist, Salma Jafri, makes sure to dedicate at least 30 seconds at the start of all her videos to give out a short story about the video and then goes ahead to play an 8-second intro. Her brand color is purple, so there’s no way one would fail to recognize her videos.

  • Catches the Viewer’s Attention

Remember, even the most interesting and relevant video can fail if you have a boring video intro at the start. People are too busy to waste time on content that is boring and irrelevant. When you concentrate on a good video introduction, it shows the viewers why they need to stop and watch your video. It should give them the impression that they just cannot miss out on what your video has to say. Using the FOMO theory – the fear of missing out – helps to not only hook the viewer to watch your video but to persuade them to subscribe and follow your channel as well.

A powerful video intro is extremely important if you’re looking to attract an audience. Another important thing to keep in mind when it comes to a good video intro is to be mindful of the length of the intro. The best intro lengths are between 3 to 7 seconds. Also, make sure to be clear and concise in your video. One common mistake is taking too much time to say what your video is all about. So, remember to be precise and to the point. 


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