6 Simple Yet Effective Ways to Help Your Pet Doggo Beat Allergies

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Some dogs may develop specific allergies over time. For example, a few may be allergic to pollen, and others may be susceptible to perfumes or chemicals. While some things may induce allergic reactions in dogs, there is a range of other substances like chemicals, dust mites, mould spores, cigarette smoke, etc., that may cause hypersensitivity.

If you observe any symptoms like continuous sneezing, runny nose, itchy skin, redness in armpits/groin region, excessive scratching, licking, biting, or chewing of the affected skin area, hair loss, scabbing, open sores, irritated/watery eyes and/or pawing at the face constantly then you may need to rush to the vet along with your pet asap. With pet insurance for dogs, your dog companion’s health can be comprehensively covered. Purchase the best pet insurance to support your pet dog’s health needs and your back pocket.

It is painful for pet owners to watch their fluffy friends suffer extreme discomfort and agony due to allergies. That is why we have some tips here to alleviate the dog allergy symptoms and consequently minimize the risk of contracting a more critical medical condition.

Minimize exposure

Pollens that mostly come from flowers, grass, and weeds cause seasonal allergies in dogs. Tweak your doggo’s walking routine to limit his exposure to pollen in the air. Early morning or late afternoon strolls may be taken off your schedule, as pollen levels peak during those times. Avoid fields and parks where plants and pollen are predominant. Instead, create an allergen-free indoor or backyard play area to keep your dog cheerful and active.

Maintain clean surfaces

Make sure you squeeze cleaning activities into your weekly schedule. Start with your pet beds and toys, then proceed to clean all other pet essentials that your dog regularly comes in contact with. Use fresh blankets on which your dog can snuggle comfortably.

Allergy medications

Consult your vet to remedy your pet dog’s allergy. You may inquire about which oral medicines, seasonal allergy shots or allergy relief skin sprays are most effective to counter the allergic symptoms.

Air purifiers

An efficient air purification system captures the allergens and keeps the air free of them. It is a splendid solution to destroy germs, reduce odours, and filter out particulate matter that enters through open doors and windows at home. Also, have a dehumidifier or air conditioner to remove moisture content in the air, to discourage mould growth.

Good nutrition

Ask your vet for the most suitable diet that helps in lessening the allergic reactions. Carbohydrate-rich food can aggravate existing conditions, so it may be best to avoid them. Instead, you may be told to purchase vet recommended therapeutic food for your pet. Also, get your pet dog tested for any food allergy.

Preventive care

Reduce usage of fragrances and perfumes, scented chemical sprays, etc. Keep doors and windows closed, have indoor toxin absorbing plants, clean furnaces and AC filters, plus avoid medications that may cause allergic reactions.

Having the best pet insurance comes to great use in times like these, for initial testing through to ongoing treatment for allergies. Affordable Pet Insurance will support you with most of your dog’s health expenditure as checkups, medicines, vaccinations, diagnosis, preventive care, treatments and much more. Purchase a policy, so you don’t have to feel the heat of shelling out most of your savings to get your pet treated in unexpected times.

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