Why Is a CSM Shield Monitor So Important?

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Why Is a CSM Shield Monitor So Important?

CSM shield monitors are a cost-effective piece of technology that offers an extra level of monitoring for shielded DC feeder cables. This is an ongoing monitoring unit that remains a constant monitoring shield for your electrical systems. To check for a possible insulation breakdown within the power conductor as well as within the structure of the system. The shield monitor alongside the shielded feeder cables can provide around-the-clock protection that’s completely self-contained. The monitoring unit comes with four main channels allowing for the monitoring of separate feeder cables. You can set up continuous shield monitoring over each of the four cables with set parameters.

The two main faults that the monitor detects include a grounded shield and a hot shield fault. This device can check for the potential of a negative rail exceeding the safe margins for operation as well as the full breakdown of insulation on the cable between the structure and the ground shield. Contact of the lights will provide the initial warning with the complete shutoff as conditions warrant a full monitoring power shutdown. The green power on the LED monitor will indicate that safety monitoring has occurred through the cable.

Included in the shield monitor is a simple panel mount, reset switch, diagnostic indicator on the cover plate panel, latching for the hot trip shield input, and more. The device provides a series of monitoring systems including a sensitivity delay adjustment that can be said between 30 seconds up to five hours. Having these threshold adjustments and simple monitoring support makes the whole system easier to use and a required element for measuring power systems throughout your equipment.

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