How Does A Motorcycle Case Look Like From Start To Finish?

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No matter how many precautions you take, the truth is that motorcycle accidents can happen to anyone. They can happen with the most experienced drivers, the best roads, and the best weather conditions. Motorcycle injuries tend to be more severe and impactful than passenger vehicle injuries since there is no shield protecting the rider. 

If you have been in a motorcycle accident, you may be in very poor shape. Additionally, you may be stressed and worried about your financial condition. After receiving medical attention, you should Visit this page to get in touch with an attorney and begin working on your legal claim. Meanwhile, it is important to understand how a motorcycle case looks from start to end. 

Here is how a motorcycle case looks like 

  1. Talking to an attorney. 

One of the first steps you should take after being in a motorcycle accident is to speak to an attorney. Once you receive medical attention, call your attorney and schedule a consultation session immediately. Your lawyer will want to review any documents, photographs, or pieces of evidence related to the case, so make sure you carry the important items with you. 

  1. Investigation. 

Once your attorney has all the information that they need, they will begin their expert investigation. Investigation usually involves visiting the accident site for evidence, going through photos and video footage of the accident (if any), speaking to eyewitnesses and expert witnesses, and going through your medical records, among various other processes. 

The investigation is one of the most crucial parts of the process and requires expertise in the field. 

  1. Demand letter.

After thoroughly investigating the case, your attorney will draft a demand letter to send to the defendant party. The demand letter usually outlines the details of the case, including your injuries and damages. It also includes the demanded settlement amount for causing the injuries. The other party can either accept, deny or negotiate the amount. 

  1. Settlement negotiations.

Negotiations usually involve the plaintiff fighting for their demanded amount and the defendant party trying to lower the claim. Both sides lay out their evidence, highlight each other’s pros and cons, and the insurance company makes a final offer. If you reject the offer, the case goes to trial. 

  1. Lawsuit. 

Your attorney will suggest you file a lawsuit and take your case to court if the insurance company does not agree to offer a reasonable amount. Up to this point, things were done privately between you and the other parties, but a lawsuit means everything happens before the judge, and the judge makes the final decision. 

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