Top 5 Types of Beach Towels you can’t Miss.

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Top 5 Types of Beach Towels you can’t Miss.

Is a beach trip next on your card? Then you need to consider buying a few essential things before the trip. One of these vital things is a beach towel. Earlier, these towels were not so popular. Therefore, it was challenging to find a variety of these towels. Time has changed. Now more people are coming to know about the benefits of using a beach or sand-free towel. Therefore, considering the growing demand, different brands are offering beach towels in various forms and designs. You may easily find a towel that can meet your requirements.

These towels come in all different sizes, shapes, materials, and colours. You need to know what size and material you need. Listed below are major five types of sand-free towels:


  1. Cotton towel

Cotton is a popular beach towel. Whenever you think of a towel, what comes to your mind is a 100% cotton terry cloth towel. This type of towel is absorbent, and it can provide you with comfort. This type is available in multiple shapes, styles, sizes, and designs. A cotton towel is long-lasting (it can resist fade for a long time) and keeps colours fresh.

Cotton is not only comfortable but also good for the skin. It does not cause irritation as it has a smooth texture. It is suitable for kids as well.


  1. Microfibre towel

Microfibre beach towel is designed to provide a quick-drying material option. This towel is very convenient. The best thing is its affordability. This comfortable towel is available at pocket-friendly prices.


  1. Sand-free microfibre towels

Everyone had the same experience of coming back from a beach vacation- piles of sand on the bottom of your bag, tanning lotions, and sunscreen bottles. Even after three or four days of returning from the trip, you can find and stick to your belongings.

That’s why most travellers now prefer sand-free beach towels. These are made of polyester fabric which makes the fabric weave a bit looser. This way, by rubbing the towel, you can easily brush off the sand through the weave.


  1. Quick-dry microfibre towels

Sometimes you may need to leave the beach immediately after getting out of the sea and without getting your towels dry. Considering these situations, quick-dry microfibre towels were introduced. Now, these towels are the most popular tool among travellers. These are lightweight towels that can be easily carried, washed, and dried.

  1. Hands-free towel

Hands-free towels can make your trip to the beach more enjoyable. You can use this type of towel as a beach blanket. It will help your skin avoid the touch of the sand while you will be enjoying sunbathing on the beach.

Generally, these towels are bigger than other towels. Therefore, you can use them for your entire family. The whole family can use it on the beach while sunbathing and enjoying the surrounding natural beauty. So, hands-free towels are also called beach blankets. It can serve both purposes for you. You don’t need to pack a separate blanket for your beach trip.

Sometimes, out of excitement, people buy many things before going on a trip but overlook the importance of beach towels. You should not commit this mistake. When you are planning for a sea vacation, do not forget to include a handy beach towel. There are different types of towels available in the market; you need to buy a towel that meets all your requirements. It is better to purchase a towel that is good for the entire family.


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