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Setting up a house can be quite a daunting task with theme planning, furniture purchasing, and decor. Affordability and aesthetics are the main goals of every homeowner and Scandinavian furniture ticks both those boxes.

An efficient guide draws out a picture of a set themed room and directs one in making the best purchases related to the theme.


What is Scandi Furniture?

A Scandinavian themed room is minimalistic, simple, and sustainable. This style mainly evolved in the 20th century and is a functional and unique aesthetic. While most popular in Nordic regions, the beachy environment of Australia is also well complemented by this style.

Furniture suited to the theme mainly comprises natural materials like wood and leather.


Tones and Themes

One might assume that having natural furniture limits the choice of themes and tones, but with Scandi furniture, it’s the contrary. Leather makes the aesthetic versatile, and one can choose between a soft woodsy theme or a dark and deep theme. From red and blue to natural brown and black leather, the options in the market are endless.


Ideas based on Scandi Furniture


Cool Soft Tones

White suede or leather couches paired with blue or brown leather decor complements a light-themed room well. Light-wooden furniture usually accentuates this style, and a colourful carpet provides the perfect amount of colour to the room.


Dark and Deep tones

Black, red and deep brown leather couches and chairs serve as the best decor for a dark-themed room. This style is rich in both colour and style. Dark wooden furniture and floors paired with golden lighting complete the look.



The monotone theme has become all the rage in this century. It gives the house a clean and minimalistic finish. White, grey and black leather or suede decor against white or grey walls define the theme.

White lighting suits this decor best, and while regular cleaning is essential, the finish is worth the hard work.



Wooded themes are usually sustainable, affordable and provide a better finish than laminate. Dark and light wood keep the decor exciting without becoming monotonous. While fire-proofing is a concern, the finish is worth it. Fewer leather accents increase affordability exponentially.


Benefits of Scandi Furniture



Leather accents use multiple colours, and the alternation between dark and light wood keeps furniture interesting. Scandinavian furniture is suited to every space, whether home or office and leaves every room with a cosy finish.



Laminates and stone can have clashing themes, but Scandi furniture provides a calming atmosphere. Its soft and minimalistic look makes everyone feel at ease.



The ideals of Scandi furniture have never been more crucial. In a consumerist, reckless and extravagant society, the need for simplicity and functionality exists. Scandi furniture provides quality, durability, and aesthetics that make it perfect for this generation’s households.



Scandi furniture is minimalistic, and this leaves more space for storage. Homes often look cluttered and disorganised once cramped. With this style, there is open space, and smart-designed Scandi furniture helps one with their organisation and storage.



Natural sources provide cost-effective alternatives for furniture. Extravagance has long lost its appeal, and many should opt for affordable quality modern Scandi furniture.


Spacious Finish

Clean lines and consistent tones define Scandi furniture. Incorporating these items in one’s decor can leave a small room looking spacious. Planning well and choosing light furniture can make a room efficient and yet not cluttered.

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